Performance and Public Speaking

As well as encouraging students to have original ideas, our school considers it important that they hone their skills in terms of public speaking, presentation, and communication. This is done in a variety of ways which cover numerous disciplines.

In the Slovene language, the most popular performance group is ŠILA. This is the school’s improvisational theatre group and has had a major role within the school community for many years. Students take part in regular practice sessions to learn improvisation skills before going on to compete at local and national levels. All the groups involved have achieved great success and have won many awards at these contests.

Gimnazija Vič’s English language drama group works on a range of small sketches for school events connected to cultural occasions (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) as well as major performances. All the plays are written especially for the group and this idea of originality has led to our students being invited to perform in other countries. The group is open to all students with an interest in theatre as they are involved in every aspect of the performance including set design, promotions, and the technical side of things.

The school has a dedicated promotions group who are responsible for keeping a record of all activities going on at Gimnazija Vič so that visitors to our school have the chance to learn more about what goes on here. We have given presentations to students, teachers, and experts from different fields of education from across Slovenia as well as those from other countries the world. Due to the nature of this project, students involved have to be comfortable in presenting and having conversations in both Slovene and English.